Tranquil Manor Foundation
Mentoring with a Father's Heart 

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Mentoring with a Father's Heart pairs vulnerable male youths living in fatherless, women only homes  with well screened dependable adult males who through caring and bonding with their mentees influence positive behaviors that help them transition into happy,  responsible, productive adults.

Mentoring with A Father's Heart is an Initiative of the Tranquil Manor Foundation a Youth Development and Mental Wellness, Nonprofit  Organization

We mentor boys living in fatherless homes and shelters. 

We mentor boys challenged by school work,  parenting styles, peer pressure, puberty, low socioeconomic status and father absence.

We provide opportunities for our Mentors and Mentees to bond.

We provide opportunities for our mentees to build self esteem, confidence and acceptance.  We engage our mentees in activities that give value and purpose to their young lives

We offer support for mothers of our mentees and work with guidance counselors for maximum result.

One of our objectives is to allow our mentees to mix and mingle in the broader society to accept and receive acceptance from others.  Feeling of self worth and acceptance from others are key ingredients in building self-esteem and the motivation to become successful, productive adults.